Wil Sando

Agency District Candidate

Wil Sando (Warm Springs, Wasco, Jemez Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, Aleut) is a first-time candidate running for a seat as an Agency District representative.


Wil is the son of Mary Sando-Emhoolah (Stevens) and Wilfred Sando Sr. and his step father is Michael Emhoolah. His maternal grandparents are Bertha Stevens (Mitchell) and Frank Don Stevens. His paternal grandparents are Mabel Sando (Arigon) and Frank Sando. He was with his ex-wife for 18 years, married for seven still great friends and co-parent two young children.

Education & Career

Wil graduated from Madras High School Class of 2002 and studied at OSU Cascade Campus, Portland State University, and Clackamas Community College. His studies focused on natural resources and business management. Currently he works at Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises as the Renewable Energy Tech. Previously he worked at Eagle Crest Resort and Shielding International.


Wil grew up in the longhouse, attends tribal dances and ceremonies in Warm Springs and Jemez Pueblo, hunts and fishes and considers himself a friend and family man. He has been walking the red road of sobriety for over five years."


Email: wsando923 at gmail dot com

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