Voting FAQ

What District do I vote in?

There are 3 voting districts: Agency, Simnasho, and Seekseequa


Local Tribal members can review the voters list which has been posted at the Post Office, Simnasho Longhouse, Seekseequa Fire Hall, and Warm Springs Market.

Off reservation Tribal members can log into the Tribal Member portal to view an electronic copy of the voters list.

I just turned 21, how do I register to vote?


All new voters must register with the Vital Stats office. If you turn 21 years of age 60 days prior to the election date, you are eligible to vote. Contact the Vital Stats office at 541-553- If you turn 21 prior to the election, contact the Vital Statistics office at (541) 553-3252 to register, pick the district you want to vote in, and update your contact information.

How do I change my voting district?




If you checked out the voters list and are not in the correct district, you can contact Vital Statistics to update your district. This must be done 60 days prior to the election. You can download the required form online at: