Jaylyn Suppah - Tribal Council Candidate

Simnasho District Candidate

Jaylyn Suppah (Warm Springs, Wasco, Shoshone Bannock, Yakama) is a first-time candidate running for a seat as a Simnasho District representative.


Jaylyn’s indian name is Alish (Ah-lish) which was given to her from her grandmother and namesake, Margaret Suppah. Her parents are Lincoln “Jay” Suppah and Fay Hurtado both of Warm Springs. Her biological mother is Kaylyn Currie of Fort Hall, Idaho and her maternal grandparent is Aldine Pevo of Fort Hall, Idaho. Her paternal grandparents are Margaret Suppah and Atwaii Franklin “Chinn” Suppah. Jaylyn is raising two children, Mateja age 7 and Brennan age 5 in Warm Springs.

Education & Career

Jaylyn graduated from Madras High School and obtained her Associates Degree from Portland Community College. She is currently attends Evergreen State College where she is working towards her bachelors degree.

Today she manages the Papalaxsimisha program that incorporates life-building skills for Native youth including high school, college and career readiness. Papalaxsimisha also incorporates teaching on the impacts of historical trauma, historical healing and self-identity. The program was developed in 2016 with Ervanna LittleEagle and Gina Bluebird to benefit Warm Springs youth.


She currently serves on the Education Committee, the Cascade East Area Health Education Center Advisory Board, the Oregon Indian Education Association board and the American Indian/Alaska Native Advisory Council through the Oregon Department of Education.


Jaylyn enjoys cooking, reading, basketball and spending time with her family. Her passion is decolonizing education for herself, her children, and in the community and always looking for ways to incorporate her culture into her home, classroom and programming. She is dedicated to her community and always looking for ways to help her community.


Email: suppah14 at gmail dot com


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