Charlene Dimmick

Charlene Dimmick-MoodySimnasho District, Write-in  

Charlene “Tillie” Dimmick-Moody (Warm Springs-Tygh, Yakima, Miwok, Paiute, Modoc, Klamath) is a first-time candidate running as a write-in for a seat as an Simnasho District representative.


Charlene and her husband Javin Dimmick are raising their two sons, Ivan and Leo, in Simnasho. She is the daughter of Winnona Garrison (Bishop Paiute) and Raymond Moody of Warm Springs. Her Ulla is Charlotte Herkshan (Moody) and her Pusha is Enos Herkshan Jr. (Klamath Modoc). Her Togo’o is Andy Garrison and Moo’a is Gertrude Tom. She has three brothers and one sister.

Education & Career

Charlene attended grade school at the Simnasho Elementary School and graduated from Madras High School. She attended college at Lane Community College and went on to receive a Bachelors of Art in Architecture and Allied Arts from the University of Oregon. She recently received her Masters of Social Work from Portland State University.

Charlene is currently employed at the Warm Springs Behavioral Health Center as a Youth Mental Health Specialist. Her previous employment has been various fields such as Child Welfare (both Protective and Preventive), Natural Resources, Forestry, Food and Beverage, Head Start and Camp Counseling.


Charlene is involved with many youth serving organizations including the WS K-8 Academy, Head Start, Daycare, CPS, and Warm Springs Prevention, where she teaches concepts of Conscious Discipline. She understands that many families are affected by trauma and lateral oppression and believes by teaching skills of composure, empathy and self regulation to the youth and those serving them, they will be better equipped to develop a healthy strong community. She actively participates in the Native Aspiration Coalition, Juvenile Justice Team, and Justice Team. She is also currently serving as member of the Tribes Health and Welfare Committee.

Outside of community, she participates in NAYA’s LEAD Cohort and regularly attends the 9 Tribes Quarterly Meetings where she has developed great working relationships with the tribal prevention programs around the state.


In her free time she loves to practice and teach both contemporary and traditional arts. When she is able to, she enjoys dancing at powwows both competitively and for fun. She is a self taught cake designer and a YouTube DIY food enthusiast. She is always trying to learn new things but really take an interest in history. Her go-to sports are basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball and she is now playing soccer with her sons.


Email: dimmickcharlene at gmail dot com

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