Carina Miller

Incumbent - Agency District

Carina Marie Miller (Wasco, Warm Springs, Yakima) is an incumbent running for her second term as an Agency District representative on the Tribal Council.


Carina and her partner Victor Barkley are new parents to their son Waluxpykee in Warm Springs. She is the daughter of Sue Matters and Ken Miller. Her paternal grandparents are Faye Waheneka and Sid Miller, great grandparents are Fannie and Grant Waheneka and Lucy and Walter Miller. Her maternal grandparents are Eleanor and Walter Matters.

Education & Career

Carina is a graduate of Madras High School and completed her undergraduate work at the University of Oregon where she received a Bachelor of Science in Ethnic Studies. She was elected to the Tribal Council in 2016 as one of the youngest elected representatives to date. She is the Chair of the Native American Caucus for the Democratic Party of Oregon, Chair of the Energy Committee, Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and Founding Board member and Interim Director of National Inter-Tribal Energy Council.


Carina has been involved with multiple community organizations including the Girl Scouts, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Warm Springs T-ball. She is enjoying being a new mother and revisiting all of the things that made her childhood magic with her son.


Carina starting getting involved with organizing in college when she was a co-chair for the Native American student union and board member for the Multicultural Center at the University of Oregon. It was that experience working with marginalized communities coupled with her experience learning to lobby for the Oregon Students of Color Coalition and the United States Student Association that she found a passion for exposing systematic racism and finding ways to advocate for more equitable policies and education. During her time on Tribal Council she has worked on multiple areas for the tribe but the highlighted areas of focus have been energy, cannabis, education, legislative arm, and telecommunication.



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