Our Story

Honoring Ancestors, Building Futures

The 28th Tribal Council elections for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon, will take place April 4th, 2019. Each of us has stepped forward to run for Tribal Council with a common goal - to help build our People and our Nation. With 50% of our Tribal membership under the age of 30, we strongly believe that we need leadership that represents our demographic and ensures that decisions today honor our ancestors and future generations. We are working together to educate voters and ensure that we, the People, turn out to vote on April 4th.

Our Vision

  • Treaty Rights. The 1855 Treaty with the Tribes of Middle Oregon reserved our rights to hunt, fish, and gather in usual and accustomed places. It provides the foundation for our unique political identity and the place from which we build from. We support actions that protect and exercise our treaty rights.
  • Honor our ancestors sacrifices and future generationsWe believe that decisions made honors generations of today and tomorrow, encourages growth and develops leadership skills in our community.  
  • Infrastructure – We will work with tribal staff to advocate and leverage funding to address the significant infrastructure needs in the community including the water treatment facilities, sewer facilities, and our distribution system. Our infrastructure is the foundation for development businesses, creating more housing, and most important, providing clean water to our community members.
  • Economic Development & Jobs. We recognize that actions need to be taken to create a strong business economy in Warm Springs. This includes adopting policies that support business development such as zoning policies and Uniform Commercial Codes. We must also ensure that our enterprises are successful and support continued efforts to support Tribal member entrepreneurs.
  • Education – We support the development of our Tribal Members to obtain college degrees, vocational degrees and training to help them obtain living wage jobs. This includes supporting continued efforts develop entrepreneurs and a viable small business community.
  • Transparency. We will honor our constituents by providing factual, consistent communication in person and online.
  • Reduce Travel & Make It Count. We are committed to traveling only by delegation and focusing all travel on those areas where we have experience and knowledge. We are committed to providing written travel reports to Tribal Council and our constituents.
  • Leadership Accountability. We will work with all members of the Tribal Council to adopt rules for how the Council operates. By committing to rules for how the Tribal Council functions, we can address issues of accountability and ensure consistency in the decision making processes.
  • Respectful Dialogue. We are committed to working together in a healthy, respectful and positive manner with all community members. We will not tolerate or participate in lateral violence or micro aggressions towards anyone.



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